At risk with a medical condition

Adults with a health condition are more at risk of flu-related complications and need extra protection. Even if you’re young, fit and healthy, and your condition is normally under control. 

How to book an appointment

You’ll receive an appointment by mail to attend one of our vaccination centres across Grampian.
If your appointment is not suitable call the NHS Grampian Flu Helpline on 0345 337 9899.

Conditions and diseases which can make flu more dangerous include: 

  • asthma 
  • stroke
  • bronchitis
  • liver problems such as cirrhosis/hepatitis
  • emphysema
  • diabetes
  • cystic fibrosis
  • asplenia or dysfunction of the spleen
  • chronic heart disease
  • being very overweight
  • chronic kidney failure
  • HIV infection.

If you’ve a health condition and have not received an appointment letter please call the NHS Grampian Flu Helpline to find out if you should have the flu vaccine and book an appointment. 

Anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatment or on medication that reduces their immunity is at higher risk and should also get immunised. 

If you’re under 18 years and have a health condition (or care for someone who does) you should also get the vaccine. You may be eligible to have the vaccine as a nasal spray. For more information visit the NHS Inform child flu page. 

If you are housebound and cannot travel please contact our NHSG Flu helpline on 0345 337 9899



Please contact the NHS Grampian flu helpline by:

Phone - 0345 337 9899

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